Saturday, May 27, 2006

Captains in Space Episode Four, "Future Shock," Online Now

The fourth episode of Captains in Space is online, and I couldn't be more excited. Why? Because it's the first one that I wrote. And I, of course, am an egomaniac.

So you should give this one a spin. Aside from the script by yours truly, it features Andrea Rosen, whom you may recognize from her reoccuring role on Comedy Central's sadly short-lived Stella. Or perhaps you know her from Michael Showalter's "The Baxter." Or maybe you'll just think, "Hey, it's that girl from the Fig Newtons commercial." Whichever camp you belong to, I think you'll enjoy her special guest performance.

The best way to view the episode is on your video iPod (assuming, of course, that you own a video iPod). I know that some folks are still a bit scared of the whole podcasting concept, but I assure you, it's insanely easy.

1. Click on this link. It will launch iTunes, and automatically begin downloading the latest episode.

2. Depending on your settings (under Preferences -> Podcasts -> Podcast Preferences) this episode will either automatically be copied to your iPod the next time you connect it to your computer, or you can manually add it to your iPod by just dragging and dropping like a regular song.

3. New episodes will automatically be downloaded when they become available, without you doing anything. If you don't want to get 'em anymore, just click on podcasts in iTune's side menu, click on the title in your playlist, and click the unsubscribe button near the bottom of the screen.

(if you don't use iTunes, there are different podcatcher feeds at the Captains in Space website)

No fuss, no muss.

If you, like me, are a stranger to the wonders of the video iPod you can download the quicktime file here, and view it on your computer.

Easy as pie.

Lastly, if computers frighten and confuse you, just watch the low-resolution version on YouTube. Just click the big ol' play button in the middle of the screen.

Too easy to even warrant an idiomatic saying.

Anyway, thanks for checking this out... and keep your eyes open for the next episode, also written by me, in which I play a robot. I spent a whole day in silver makeup just to entertain fine folks like you. Can you resist the charms... of ROBO-DAN? (coming soon)

(Oh, and if you want to sign up for the official mailing list, just drop a line to

Thursday, May 25, 2006

BIG doings, Tonight!

I have two shows at the Gene Frankel Underground tonight:

First, at 7:15 PM - The last of our "Captains in Space LIVE!" events:

Tonight we will be debuting an ALL NEW EPISODE, before it's available online. See it on the big screen first (you may even be privledged to see an "early cut" as Fed might tweak it based on audience reaction... so you can brag to your friends about all the great scenes that were cut from the release version, like the one where Fed crawls around on the ceiling like a spider, or the extended Frankie shower scene).

More importantly (to me, at least), this is the first Captains episode to be written by me. I helped punch up some of the other episodes, but this is the first one to be drawn entirely from my original script. So, if you didn't care for the first three episodes but love this one you can draw your own conclusions. If you loved the first three episodes, but hate this one, then clearly the problem was in the direction. You hear me, Fed!?

Both Captain Fed and I will be on hand to introduce my episode, "Future Shock," as well as episode three, "Double," and to do our little song-and-dance. But never fear if you miss the hilarity-- the new episode will be available online soon.

Second, at 10:00 PM - The final New Kalan Show at the Gene Frankel Theater

To quote Elliott's promotional email:

"Next week brings with it a momentous occasion. On thursday, May 25th, our beloved, small-audienced live fake comedy talk show will be saying its farewells to its longtime home the Gene Frankel Theater. Where's it going? Why, to a DIFFERENT underground theater, and a whole new day and time! Get ready for next month's unveiling of the all-new PRIMETIME KALAN!

But before we welcome the future, let's say goodbye to the past, with the last of 'The New Kalan Show''s and our final performance at the Gene Frankel. All your favorite Kalan characters (Erik! Brock! Dan! Devon! Elliott!) will be there! Special guest comedienne SARA SCHAEFER will be there! Shouldn't YOU be there, too?!

Plus more jokes, sketches, hijinx, emotional damage, and craziness! Help say, "Good riddance, you bastard!" to that crummy theater!"

Come see all the regular New Kalan stuff plus my tearful (?) reunion with my old SSIOWY boss. It should be great fun.

PLUS: It's not just the New Kalan's last night at the Gene Frankel theater -- it's the Manhattan Comedy Collective's last night at the theater. That's right, after tonight all the vestages of Juvie Hall and its children will be swept away forever (or to a bar a few blocks away. One or the other). To celebrate this, MC2 is putting on a special FREE improv jam at 11 PM, just following The New Kalan Show, complete with FREE Jell-o shots.



Jell-o shots.

What more could you need?

The Gene Frankel Theater Underground
24 Bond Street (aka East 2nd St.)
In the East Village, on the north side of Bond Street, between Bowery & Lafayette. In the basement theater. Take the 6 to Bleeker, B/D/F/V to Broadway Lafayette, or R to Prince.


-$5 for 10 PM show ONLY.
-$10 for entire night of shows (including both of my shows, at 7:15 and 10 and everything in-between). Includes 1 free drink ticket.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

GTN Bit from 5/24/06

Here's the piece that I wrote for last night's Giant Tuesday show, which was ably performed by Andres du Bouchet as Francisco, Mike Birch as Dr. Greg, and Rob Gordon as the bum.

The Gum Bit

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce Dr. Gregory Igloomaker, who has an amazing invention that he would like to share with us.

Thanks Francisco.

Igloomaker, that's an interesting name. What is that, Eskimo?

No. No, it's not. It's Dutch. Why would you say Eskimo?

It is less than not important. Why don't you just share your invention?

Certainly. Well, Francisco, imagine for a moment that you are not a world-famous variety host, but that by day you labor away in a dull office job.

It's hard, but I think I can do it.

DR. GREG Imagine coming into work, day in, and day out. Entering data into spreadsheets. Processing, collating, faxing-- the endless tedium. Getting tired aren't you?

(sleepy--nearly hypnotized)

How about a nice cup of coffee?

Yes, please.

But the pantry is so far away.

Oh no!

And Alan, from accounting, forgot to brew a new pot after he finished the old one.

I hate that bastard, Alan.

Don't you wish you just had coffee at your fingertips, all day long?

Don't toy with me, Igloomaker! Just give me coffee!

Dr. Greg hands Francisco a stick of gum.

FRANCISCO (cont'd)
This? But this is just a stick of gum.

Wrong, Francisco. That is a cup of coffee.
(to audience)
You see, I asked myself, what is coffee, but ground coffee beans plus hot water? And what is your mouth but a hot-water-making-machine? So what I've done is suspend the grinds in a sort of natural latex, what the Native Americans called "chicle." Your saliva does the rest.

I can taste it brewing in my mouth!

And that's not all. Just add one of my patented "flavor paks" to create premium specialty coffee. This one is Mocha Latte, and it's made from ground-up chocolate chips and coffee-mate!

Francisco dumps the packet into his mouth.

Mmm! It's like a backwash Starbucks!

(pointing to the package)
That's our slogan! And the best thing is that this gum not only picks you up, but it freshens your breath with the delicious odor of secondhand coffee.

Amazing. So, do you make any other versions? Decaf, maybe?

Please, Francisco; if you want decaf, chew Trident. But I am proud to introduce my new Coffee Nicotine Gum, “Cup 'o Butts.” Quit that nasty smoking habit while enjoying a steaming cup of mouth-joe.

Really? Nicotine Coffee Gum? Is that safe? It seems like concentrating the two together might create some sort of dangerous super-stimulant.

While the doctor speaks, a shabbily dressed man sidles onstage.

Of course not--ask Jim Jarmusch. It's no worse than enjoying a cigarette with a pot of…

Hey, man, are you carrying?

(to bum)
Not now.
(to Francisco)
As I was saying, it's no worse than…

C'mon man, I just need a fix. It's been three days. I've been chewing from the bottom of chairs.

Get away!

What's going on over there? Do you know that man?

No, he's probably just some homeless man who wandered in off the street, lured by the promise of alternative comedy. Don't worry.

Just one stick, Dr. Greg. My teeth are aching.

He appears to know your name.

All right.
All right, fine. Yes. Charlie here was one of our product testers. It turns out you're right Francisco. Making a Coffee Nicotine Gum somehow increased the addictive power by five hundred and twelve percent…

What an oddly specific figure.

…Which means that all our testers are now addicted. But don't worry! We're working on it! That's why we've developed this Methadone Gum, to help ween people off Cup 'o Butts.

How much does the Methadone Gum cost?

It retails for $250 a pack.

That's absurd! You can't solve all gum-created problems with more gum! Are you or are you not using your various flavors as gateways to addict people to ever-more-expensive gum products?

Dr. Greg makes as if to answer, then suddenly makes a break for it, running off-stage.

Juan Carlos! Start the helicopter!

SFX: HELICOPTER, starting up, and then fading away. Francisco and the bum follow with their eyes, as if he's flying away. A beat.

What about you, man? You holding?

No, I am not. I'm sorry. Would you like a drink ticket?

(taking the ticket)

He exits. Transition, etc…


It went over okay... although the biggest laugh was garnered by the helicopter sound cue, and their reactions to it.

Also, if you haven't been there in a while, check out the Captains in Space website. A few new things have been posted up there-- and the latest episode (the first one written by me) should be online sometime before the end of the Memorial Day weekend. So you can look forward to that, if that's the sort of thing you look forward to.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tuesday is Giant, Tonight!

Just a reminder, tonight one of my bits will be performed at Andres du Bouchet's always extremely funny Giant Tuesday Night of Amazing Inventions and Also There is a Game (only writing-- I won't be performing in the show. However, I will be in the audience to witness the GTN gang make my words funny, so if you see me, buy me a beer. I'm the one who looks like me).

So come on out. They're shooting a "pilot" to show around to various folks, so I'm sure they'd love the audience to be as big as possible. Oh, and if you want to check out bits from the show in the comfort of your own home or subway, you might be interested to know that they now have a podcast.

In case you've forgotten, Giant Tuesday Night is at:

Rififi/ Cinema Classics
332 East 11th Street
between 1st and 2nd Avenues
On the isle of Manhattan
8 PM
The show is FREE (w/ a one drink minimum)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Dead Joke Office

You know the drill...


The Tony nominations were announced Tuesday, but Julia Roberts did not receive one, even though her play Days of Rain is a hit. Insiders blame the fact that there isn't currently a category for "Best Freakishly Large Smile."

Details of the classified NSA wiretap program were given to full congressional committees for the first time on Wednesday. And attached to those details was a tiny wireless microphone.

Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan reportedly got into a screaming match at a Los Angeles club after Lohan went over to Hilton's table. Apparently Lohan stole a bite off of Hilton's plate of air.

Texas is close to raising the speed limit on two of its interstate highways to 80 MPH-- reportedly to save money on lethal injections.

The maker of Cesamet, a synthetic drug similar to the active ingredient in marijuana, said Tuesday that it had received FDA approval for US sales. It will be sold along with another drug, which mimics the active ingredient in Fritos.

It is estimated that Paul McCartney, who is divorcing his wife, could have to pay her a possible 400 million dollars. Upon hearing this, Mr. McCartney immediately phoned his wife, saying, "We can work it out."

A small, but growing number of colleges are holding "lavender graduations" to honor gay and lesbian students-- although many gay and lesbian students say that the idea sounds "kinda gay."
New York City police have been warned about a new rapid-fire pistol that is disguised as a cell phone, although the upside is, if anyone gets shot by one, the NSA will know.

Friday, May 19, 2006

The Air Conditioner Sketch

The Summer Funtime Special was a smashing success last night. For those of you who couldn't be there, I offer the following sketch, one of my favorites from the show...

The Air Conditioner Sketch, by Dan McCoy


A husband and wife lounge on a couch, visibly overcome by
heat. The woman fans herself with a piece of paper.

Honey, I think it's time to install the
air conditioner again.

Aw, that's such a pain. Didn't we just
take it out?

Yes, hon. Every year. C'mon, it's
supposed to get up to 90 by the end of
the week. We don't want to do it then.

The husband rises to EXIT.

(while leaving)
I don't know why you wait for me. You
could put it in while I'm not here.

Speaking to him, off stage. While she speaks we HEAR
CRASHING NOISES as he digs around to unearth the air
conditioner, and grunts as he picks it up.

Are you kidding? That thing weighs a
ton. Hurry up; this fan isn't cutting it

The husband ENTERS carrying an air conditioner (a
cardboard box, made to look like a window unit.)

All right, hold your horses. Now how
does this go in again?

He lifts the air conditionerup to the window.

So, I guess I just put this here...

Just make sure this is level with the

Oh, it wobbles a bit...

You have to make the ridge fit in to the
top here...

We need something to put in and make it

All that holds it is gravity -- make sure
it fits just right or else...

The air conditioner slips from their grasp and falls out
the window. They are horrified.


They immediately duck out of sight beneath the window.

Oh my god! Oh god! Something fell on
me! It feels like... It is! It's an air
conditioner! Oh my sweet lord, it is
heavy and metal and sharp! Why?! In
addition my cranial damage, somehow the
blades of the fan inside have embedded
themselves in my genitals! What are the
odds of that happening?! Not good, I

Jesus, honey, what did you do?

Me? You were the one who let go of the
air conditioner.

Well obviously you didn't have much of a
hold on it either!

I was trying to straighten it.

Straighten it into that guy's skull!

I don't even know what that means!

(loud moaning)

Oh god, what are we going to do now?

I'll tell you what we do. We sit tight,
and stay inside. That air conditioner
could've come from anywhere!

Good plan.

They sit in silence for a long beat. The wife picks up
the fan and starts fanning herself again.

You know...
(stops herself, then)
You know, all that guilty panicking
really works up a sweat.


Do we still have our old air conditioner?


She shrugs. He stares at her for a moment, then pushes
up from the couch.


He EXITS, then RE-ENTERS with the air conditioner, and
climbs up to the window.

I can't believe I'm doing this. Now
let's see... The flaps should spread out
like this...

He drops the air conditioner out the window.


Oh sweet lord almighty! A second air
conditioner has fallen on the first!
Such cruel redundancy! Has some
consignment of air conditioners fallen
from the poorly-latched cargo bay of a
plane flying above?! One might think
that the second air conditioner would
have hurt less than the first, as my body
has gone into shock and would thus not
register the pain! One would be wrong!
The second air conditioner has simply
driven the first one deeper into my body,
then it bounced off and injured the only
areas unaffected by my first mishap!

What did you do?!


Oh, fine! Everything's my fault.

He STORMS OUT of the room.

Where are you going?

I'm getting that extra air conditioner
the landlord offered us when we moved in!

He RE-ENTERS, and immediately drops the air conditioner
out the window.

What are you...?!


Oh! I totally spaced.

Heaven help me! Has nature seen fit to
rain down upon me not the sweet, gentle
summer rain, but an endless stream of
razor-sharp angles, and unforgiving
Mayhap I have been chosen, like the
biblical Job, to suffer countless
sorrows, although were I to choose, I
would choose his open sores over this
never-ceasing torrent of heavy, heavy air
conditioners! I am in agony!

Wow, that was really poetic -- especially
for a guy who was just hit by three air

Hey! I saw that! Hey you in the window!

The husband ducks under the window sill.

Yeah, you can't hide! I saw you drop
that air conditioner on that guy!

The husband RUNS OUT of the room.

Hey you motherfucker, come out here!

The husband RUNS BACK IN with another air conditioner.
He climbs back up and throws it out the window.



Why did you do that?!

He was a witness!

You're insane! And where did you get a
fourth air conditioner, anyway?

I took from a homeless guy.

You stole an air conditioner from a
homeless guy?!

What was he going to do with it anyway?
It's not like he has a home to cool!

That's not the point! You...

SFX: SIRENS. They both freeze.

This is the police. We have you
surrounded. Come out with your hands up.

They look at each other for a moment, then...

Air conditioners! Quick!

The wife runs offstage, then returns with an air
conditioner. She tosses it up to him, and he gets ready
to throw it at the police.

Eat freon, copper!


Two hours later...

The lights come up. Husband and wife sit peacefully on
the sofa. The air conditioner is perched above them.

Thank god that our final air conditioner
fits snugly on top of that pile of dead
bodies and other air conditioners. Now
the apartment is nice and cool.

And how!

They laugh loud and long, right into the...


Thursday, May 18, 2006


May 18
@ 7:15 - I will introduce two episodes of Captains in Space, Live!
@ 10:00 - The Summer Funtime Special - I co-wrote, and will appear in this all-new sketch show.

-see previous posts for further details-

Location (all shows):

The Gene Frankel Theater Underground
24 Bond Street (aka East 2nd St.)
In the East Village, on the north side of Bond Street, between Bowery & Lafayette. In the basement theater. Take the 6 to Bleeker, B/D/F/V to Broadway Lafayette, or R to Prince.


-$5 for 10 PM show ONLY.
-$10 for entire night of shows (including both of my shows, at 7:15 and 10 and everything in-between). Includes 1 free drink ticket.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Summer Funtime Update

Just a reminder that The Summer Funtime Special is this Thursday the 18th at 10 PM. We've made a slight casting adjustment-- Rick Murphy will not be appearing in the show (lay off the sauce, Rick!*). Instead, we're pleased to announced the addition of Jeremiah Murphy to the cast. We figure, what the heck? One Murphy's as good as another. We're also pleased to announce that our director will be Mr. War of the Worlds himself, the Hoskins to my Caine, Eric Zuckerman. Feel free to applaud.

The Summer Funtime Special

Starring: Rob Bates, Matt Koff, Stacy Mayer, Dan McCoy, and Jeremiah Murphy.

Written by: Matt Koff, Rob Bates, and Dan McCoy

Directed by: Erik Zuckerman

The Gene Frankel Theater Underground 24 Bond Street (AKA East 2nd St.)
It's on the north side of Bond Street, between Bowery & Lafayette, in the basement space.
$5 for the 10 PM show, or you can see the whole MC2 Thursday line up for $10 (includes a drink ticket). Making things bold is fun.

It's the only show you'll see this year whose title is an anagram of "Fiancee sperm multi sum." That has to count for something!

*This is, of course, a joke. Mr. Rick Murphy is a fine human being, who could not appear in the show for scheduling reasons, and not because of any substance abuse problems, although he's totally a falling-down lush, and you can tell him I said that.**

**Libel suit, here I come!

Dead Joke Office

More orphaned jokes:

According to Census Bureau estimates, Hispanics remain America's fastest-growing minority group, but most of their population increase comes from births here, rather than immigration. In response, the Minutmen have set up fences around Hispanic women's vaginas.

According to a new report, abuse of prescription and over-the-counter drugs is sending more people to emergency rooms than cocaine-- whereas cocaine is sending more people to The White House.

Squirrel monkeys at the London Zoo have been snatching cell phones from visitors as they stroll through their barrier-free enclosure. Even worse, they've shown no respect for the concept of peak minutes.

The Bowery Bay Boys of Queens, New York won the "Operators Challenge," which is also known as the Olympics of Sewage Treatment—although, in a larger sense, isn't everyone who competed a loser?

Cory Booker, a former city councilman and a 37 year-old former Rhodes scholar, was elected Newark, New Jersey's first new mayor in two decades by a landslide, mainly because he was the first Rhodes scholar willing to stay in New Jersey.

Of the nation's major telecommunications companies, only Qwest declined to provide the NSA with phone call records of their clients. They also declined to provide their "Q" with a U.

Simon Cowell has hired Regis Philbin to host his new show for NBC called "America's Got Talent," in which singers, dancers, and comics compete for 1 million dollars, proving that America's new favorite type of entertainment, is what used to be avoided on the last night of summer camp.

Heinz Stucke, a German who has been riding his bike around the world for 44 years, faced a major set-back when his bike was stolen in England. Stucke vows that if he finds the thief, he will kick him to death using his tremendous thighs.

Richie Sambora is denying rumors that he cheated on wife Heather Locklear saying, "I remained faithful during my marriage. And I defy anyone to refute that." Experts are reportedly surprised, saying, "Did Richie Sambora just correctly use the word 'refute'?"

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Captains Live Tonight!

Just a reminder, the second installment of our "Captains LIVE!" Big Bang/ Manhattan Comedy Collective showings is tonight. The episodes will be there every Thursday this month, but this may be the last time both Fed and I will be on hand to introduce them.

Captains in Space
Thursday, May 11 (tonight) at 7:15 PM
The Gene Frankel Theater Underground
24 Bond Street (aka East 2nd St.)
In the East Village, on the north side of Bond Street, between Bowery & Lafayette, in the basement theater. Take the 6 to Bleeker, B/D/F/V to Broadway Lafayette, or R to Prince.

The ticket price is $10, but that entitles you to stay for the whole night of shows and gets you one free beer. Also, if you show up at 7, I think there may be a discount-- but don't quote me on that.

In related news, Captain Fed has a MySpace page. I don't know how he's able to access the internet from deep space-- perhaps the OTTO-5 comes equipped with super-powerful wi-fi. Odder still is the way he's able to access early 21st century webpages from the year 2089, but perhaps he's using one of those OhForChrissakeItsJustABit devices. They're pretty versatile.

Oh, that reminds me: if we ever make a spin-off show, it should be called Captains in MYSPACE!


>sniff< I should get paid for this stuff.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Two New Shows in May

I will be taking part in a one-time-only sketch event on May 18, at 10 PM, titled, "The Summer Funtime Special," produced by The Manhattan Comedy Collective and Matt Koff. The blurb on the MC2 website has this to say:

"Barbecues, bikinis, beachballs, and blockbusters. Finally, a sketch show that celebrates what Time Magazine calls 'The World's Hottest Season.'

Starring Rob Bates, Matt Koff, Stacy Mayer, Dan McCoy, and Rick Murphy. With special guests and other surprises!"

The show will be written by Matt, Rob, and myself, and you can see it at:

The Gene Frankel Theater Underground
24 Bond Street (AKA East 2nd St.)
It's on the north side of Bond Street, between Bowery & Lafayette, in the basement space.
$5 for the 10 PM show, or you can see the whole MC2 Thursday line up for $10 (includes a drink ticket).

More news as events warrant.*

Also: good news for fans of my periodic contributions to Andres du Bouchet's always extremely funny Giant Tuesday Night of Amazing Inventions and Also There is a Game-- one of my bits will be included on the May 23rd show (only writing-- I won't be performing).

In case you've forgotten, Giant Tuesday Night is at:

Rififi/ Cinema Classics
332 East 11th Street
between 1st and 2nd Avenues
The show is FREE (w/ a one drink minimum)

*Read, "when we figure out who the special guests are."

Monday, May 08, 2006

Dead Joke Office

Yet again, some of my monologue-style-comedy-jokes (Ooh! Comedy jokes! My favorite kind!) that were not deemed funny enough for mass broadcast. Oh well. I liked them.


The Center for Media and Public Affairs said that late-night comics have been doing more jokes on President Bush this year than in previous years, which is odd, because the longer he's in office, the less funny he is.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, it was revealed that Dick Cheney travels with a chemical-biological suit at all times, although he only wears it to holocaust memorials.

A New Jersey couple on Wednesday gave birth to a second set of triplets. Their names are "Jack," "Jerry," and, "Oh-My-God-Not-Another-One."

A convicted killer being put to death by lethal injection in Ohio, stunned witnesses to the execution on Tuesday when he sat up in the death chamber and said, "It's not working." Dude, that's the sort of thing you totally don't want to draw attention to.

Next week, ABC will broadcast a TV movie called "Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America," from the people who brought you, "Hey, What if Mountain Lions Broke Into People's Homes? That Would Kill a Bunch of People, Huh?"

According to a new study, New York City this year ranks number 11 on a list of the country's top 100 "allergy capitals," which is much higher than its ranking last year at number 88. Look out-- we're right behind you, Cat Dander, Vermont!

Over 3,700 mothers gathered in Manila on Thursday to break the world record for breastfeeding, and also the record for creepy guys loitering while pretending to read newspapers.

German Catholic leaders began legal proceedings on Tuesday to prevent MTV from broadcasting a new series called "Popetown," which depicts the Pope as a pogo-stick riding maniac, instead of a man in a funny hat who rides around in a tall glass car.

TV Land has announced plans for a new reality series called "I Pity the Fool," in which Mr. T travels the country dispensing inspiration and advice-- and, when necessary, pitying fools.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Captains in Space, "The Theatrical Version"

Hey, are you a fan of watching things that are meant to be seen on a very small screen blown up to several times their intended size, with all the loss in resolution that entails?

Who isn't?! But it's such a pain to set up your projection TV to play on an IMAX screen. Not to mention the cost and labor of building an IMAX screen. So, instead, why don't you come see the first theatrical showing of our video podcast, as part of May's "Big Bang" at the Manhattan Comedy Collective.

Yes, that's right-- we'll be screening a rotating program of two of our Captains in Space shorts, every Thursday in May, at 7:15 PM, at The Gene Frankel Theater Underground at 24 Bond Street (East 2nd St.) in the East Village. It's on the north side of Bond Street, between Bowery & Lafayette, in the basement theater, where the 8 x 10 foot screen is sure to be kind to our non-professional blue-screen effects!

Unless I've been misguided, the ticket price is $7, but if you pay for one show, you're entitled to stay for the whole night of shows. And the entry fee includes one drink ticket. Not too shabby.

And here's a bonus, on at least the 4th and 11th of May (and possibly on the 18th and 24th, too), the shorts will be introduced by Captain Fed himself (Federico Hatoum) as well as Captains writer Dan McCoy (me). So come on, nerds-- this is time for you to get all your Captains in Space merchandise signed, or confront us about episode three, in which the captains yell so hard that the echoes travel through space, even though deep space is soundless.

In other news, if you haven't seen this video, by Giant Tuesday Night host Andres du Bouchet, you should check it out. I had absolutely nothing to do with it, but I think it's funny, and thus am pointing you that way. If you look close, you can see a cameo by Ritch Duncan, my old editor at Jest Magazine. He's a hell of a thespian, that one.

Oh, and keep the 18th at 10 PM open. I can't tell you why, yet. Just save the date. And, while you're at it, go get me a sandwich.