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What The Chipmunks Hath Wrought

A River Runs Through it 2: The Creekquel
No Country for Old Men 2: The Bleakquel
Peeping Tom 2: The Peekquel
Shopgirl 2: The Boutiquel
Last Year at Marienbad 2: The Obliquel
Dracula 2: The Widow's Peakquel
Eyes Wide Shut 2: The Asscheekquel
Catch a Fire 2: The Mozambiquel

Saturday, April 02, 2011

"Captains in Space" Lost Secret: REVEALED

I was going through old documents and found this first draft of what was to be a script for my friend Fed's webseries Captains in Space back in 2008.* It ties up the one cliffhanger mystery we ever had in the show, so it would've been nice if we'd produced it, but by that time we were all sort of getting tired of the F/X heavy productions, and the way the green-screen seemed to sap performance energy.

No one probably cares about it but me, but if you ever wondered why Captain Adam disappeared and Captain Matt replaced him (other than Adam moving to San Francisco in real life) then HAVE AT IT.**

**Lots of the Captains in Space folk have gone on to better things. "Captain Matt"/ Matt Koff is currently writing for The Newlywed Game. "Spacewoman Schaefer"/ Sara Schaefer from episode 8 is a 2-time Emmy-winner for Jimmy Fallon's website. The cosmonauts / Brock Mahan and Elliott Kalan from episode 6 have written for TruTV and The Daily Show respectively. "Future Adam"/ Andrea Rosen is in every commercial ever made and can be seen in movies like The Baxter and The Ten, and--perhaps most exciting--"Frankie the shipboard computer"/ Vedette Lim is set to be a major character on the upcoming season of Tru Blood.

What have I been up to? You know... stuff.

*This is a first draft so it's WAAAAY too long and full of exposition. Trust that it would've gotten better, and that my writing has improved since then.