Thursday, August 30, 2007

Captains in Space on the Radio Tonight!

Mr. Federico Hatoum Esq., A.K.A. Captain Fed A.K.A. producer/co-director/editor/special effects supervisor for Captains in Space will be on East Village Radio show Fist City tonight at 9, to discuss the series. (If you want to be sure not to miss it, subscribe to the podcast feed.) Yes, a podcast being discussed on an Internet radio show that is also a podcast. Your computer may explode with the insignificance. Was Fed booked simply because the hosts of Fist City make a cameo appearance in the latest episode? You'll have to listen to find out!*

*Actually, you could probably just guess the answer.

Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm a Winner...

Well. Insomuch as I won Daniel Radosh's New Yorker Anti Caption Contest this week. I'm not exactly proud of the winning caption, y'understand. The joke's kind of horrible. But remember, the point of the contest is to think up the worst possible caption for the cartoon. You have been duly disclaimed.

I Was on Internet Radio Last Night

I was remiss in drawing attention to this, other than a mention in the upcoming shows sidebar, but I was on Elliott Kalan and Brock Mahan's East Village Radio show/ podcast Fist City last night, explaining the gospel according to Slylock Fox. If you want to catch up, you can listen to the most recent episode here. Or, if you subscribe to the podcast, check out the 8/23/07 show.

Fist City comes on at approximately the 1 hour mark, and my bit is around 1:45. Woo!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hey Everyone - I'm Podcasting!

So... what's new with you? Nothing? That's cool. Me? Well I'VE STARTED A PODCAST.

Yeah, sure, Captains in Space is technically a video podcast, but this is the first podcast that I'm personally producing. And it's free of all those pesky "pictures," which makes it all the easier to enjoy in a crowded subway, or while driving your car.

What's the podcast? It's called The Flop House. What's it about? It's about me and my friends Simon Fisher and Stuart Wellington getting together, having a drink or two, watching a bad movie (usually one released in the last few years), and then discussing it. And you get to listen. What fun for you! What could be more exciting than three dudes rambling into a cheap microphone? (Speaking of which, I apologize for the questionable audio quality of this first installment - I learned a lot producing and editing it, which will be applied to all future recordings).

What's on tap for the first episode? Let's read from the official Flop House blog:

The Flop House: Episode One - Stealth

In the inaugural episode of The Flop House, the team examines Rob Cohen's fighter-plane-run-amok film Stealth. Meanwhile, Simon discusses sex toys, Stuart does some video store filing, and Dan mispronounces "sentient" a lot.

Also, the gang recommends a few things that don't suck.

0:00 - 1:10 - Introductions, themes, and such.
1:10 - 21:30 - Stealth. Fun factory, or snore factory?
21:30 - 24:30 - Final Judgments
24:30 - 29:10 - The sad bastards recommend.
29:10 - 30:28 - It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. Also to the Flop House.

Look for new episodes bimonthly (although the second one may be slightly delayed due to a Stuart business trip). To subscribe to have new episodes delivered directly to you as they're released, paste into iTunes, or your favorite podcatching software.

The super-geniuses behind the Flop House.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Sure it's been a while. Okay, 11 months to be exact. I could explain why it took so long for the newest episode to come out... but, honestly, it's boring. Wouldn't you rather be using that valuable time watching the latest episode of Captains in Space? Just think of us as if we're a BBC show or something, where you're lucky if you even get six episodes total.

The latest episode, Beauty, is our biggest and most complex yet, with seven speaking parts, and the cutting-edge Lost in Space-quality special effects you've come to expect from Captains in Space.

Download the high-quality video file here, or subscribe to the iTunes podcast feed to have it delivered to your computer to import to your video iPod. (Ooh! Portable! Show it to all your friends!)

Or, if you like your video fuzzy and blurred, click on the YouTube version below.

Captains in Space: Beauty

Episode Written by: Matt Koff
Additional Material by: The Captains in Space writing staff

Director/ Cinematography/ Audio: Brad Bergbom
Producer/ Assistant Director/ Editor/ Special Effects: Fed Hatoum
3D Modeling: Winston Johnson
Head Writer: Dan McCoy
Writing Staff: Matt Koff, Fed Hatoum, Andrew Dickerson
Writing Consultants: Erik Marcisak, Adam Walden

Captain Fed - Fed Hatoum
Captain Adam - Adam Walden
Frankie - Vedette Lim
Robo-Dan - Dan McCoy
Cosmonaut One - Brock Mahan
Cosmonaut Two - Elliott Kalan
??? - Matt Koff

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Items for Sale in the Back of "Hi-Lo There! The Hi and Lois Collector's Fanzine," Issue 103

  • Signed first edition of Hi's and Lo's, My Hiloious Life Drawing Hi and Lois, by Dik Browne, with a foreward by Salman Rushdie.
  • Rare censored strip, in which Ditto berates his parents: "Ditto? You named me Ditto? So, what, my name is basically Dot II? Why not just name me 'Afterthought' or 'We're Too Lazy To Come Up With Anything Else?!' Goddamn it! ... I'll be at the Lockhorns."
  • Copy of Action Comics Number One, featuring the first appearance of Trixie. Note that in this early incarnation, she does not have her "Sunbeam" powers. Also, she's named Kal-el.
  • Contentious series of letters between Browne and Mort Walker, in which Walker castigates Browne for "diluting my devastating portrait of suburban ennui."
  • Tijuana Bible detailing a very special army leave, in which Lois "rewards" her brother Beetle for defending our country. Slightly used.

In Which I Post a Gmail Chat Transcript Which Illustrates Just How Irritating I Can Be

Let me give you a little heat advice.
It's hot out.
Matt: ... thanks.
1:30 PM Matt: Are you okay?
Maybe you're dehydrated.
me: A thought.
1:31 PM I met Erik to give him back some video games and get some tacos...
lo and behold
Matt: Why not
me: The stand... was GONE.
Also, Erik was late.
Matt: Wow.
1:32 PM me: Don't worry.
It has a happy ending.
Erik showed up 6 minutes later, and I gave him the video games.
And I went elsewhere...
to get...
1:33 PM I'm thinking of making it into a movie.
1:35 PM The Day the Taco Was a Burrito
The Burritoening
Where's Erik? AND MY TACOS?
1:36 PM Or
Matt: As a friend
me: Pride and Prejudice
Matt: I'm telling you
stop now
me: Stop pre-production on said film?
Or stop bugging you?
1:37 PM Matt: Well, ideally, both.
For, neither will end well.
me: >sigh<
Well, see you later.
1:38 PM Matt: Vaya con dios.