Tuesday, November 14, 2006

So Many Memories: Part Two

Here's the second part of my photo retrospective of comedy shows from the last few months (pictures courtesy of my wife). This time, we focus on Zombira's Scaretaculous Halloween Horrortacular (you can find the full text of a couple of the sketches here).

Rival candy-poisoner Regine (Liz Lord) critiques my crazy old man candy-poisoning technique.

My religious powers are called upon, to defeat the devil child Rob Bates.

I am distracted in my mission by the hot mom of the Antichrist (Lindsay Joy).

My co-biosphere inhabitant Gustav (George Basil) explains that, being in a self contained environment thousands of miles from civilization, we will likely be getting no trick-or-treaters.

Schoolgirls (Autumn Clark, Lindsay, and Liz) argue over whose night it is to be slutty, while Slutty Cat (Stacy Mayer) looks on.

I am attacked by a giant praying mantis. Tragically, I did not survive.

1 comment:

Federico said...

Um....Dan, I don't mean to quibble with the caption in that last picture, but I saw you at work today and you seemed very much alive. I doubt very much that a statue of a giant praying mantis killed you.