Friday, November 10, 2006

So Many Memories...

As the seasons change, let's take this opportunity--and my lack of new blog posting material--to look back over some of my late summer/ early fall (at least the comedy related part of it) via photographs. I don't have any available of Zombira, at present, but maybe I'll post those a little later.

And now, courtesy of my wife and her always-photographing ways, here's a little retrospective of the last few months.

Elliott gives one of his always-succinct monologues.

Dan confesses his inadequacies to sexual therapist Elliott, while wearing a funny hat.

Demetri Martin gives my wife the thumbs-up.

Dan and Elliott relax pre-Primetime Kalan by watching the Planet of the Apes cartoon.

The Daily Show's Dan Bakkedahl confuses Elliott Kalan's Ghost Hunting Club for Elia Kazan's "Go Stunting" Club.

Dan and Erik are sheepish about their lack of ghost hunting success.

In a shocking twist ending, the ghost hunters are revealed to be vampires.

Sara Schaefer has a Citizen Kane moment at her AOL "The DL" launch party.

I chat with Sara's Video Gaga co-producer John Kingman, regarding the open bar. This photo is not an endorsement of Stella Artois.

I congratulate Sara on becoming "The Internet's Sara Schaefer."

I am attacked by a bear. Tragically, I did not survive.


Krasdale said...

Way to pass the torch Dan. I remember when you were the internet's Sara Schaefer.

Dan McCoy said...

Not sure what this means, John, but I choose to take it as a compliment-- much as I choose to take everything.