Tuesday, April 03, 2007

In Which I List Several Thoughts Suggested to Me, by Seeing a "Freelancers Union" Advertisement on the Subway This Morning

  • Huh. The Freelancers Union apparently has the same logo as my high school sports teams ("The Eureka Hornets") circa 1995.
  • "Remember to pay your freelancers fair wages, ye editors and ye art directors of the world, lest ye be stung! And then woe, woe betide ye!"
  • I wonder if the mysterious deaths of bees across much of North America, and the resulting loss of pollination, is going to affect my grocery bills, fruit and vegetable-wise.
  • Freelancers Union? More like BEElancers Union! ZING! You've been burned, Freelancers Union!
  • Seriously, what the fuck is with the bees?

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