Friday, February 23, 2007

In Which I Hold Forth on Matters Cinematical

My Oscar Predictions:

The Academy Awards will occur. Probably sometime on Sunday, February 25th. I'm thinking evening-ish.

Some awards will be given to actors. Others will be given to technicians. Most of the technical awards won't be televised, but the tech nerds will be thrown a bone by having their Oscars hosted by some hot actress.

People will dress up. People will talk about people being dressed up. At least two of those people will be named Rivers. Unfortunately, neither will be Rivers Cuomo. Someday, Mr. Spectacles. Someday.


In other movie-related news, this weekend, The Number 23 will finally dramatize the horror of seeing the same number lots of places.

I dunno why more movies don't have a number as their antagonist. Don't you remember the thrills, when James Bond faced off against that menacing bunch of negative integers?

In other 23-related news, I clearly put approximately 23 seconds of thought into this post.


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