Tuesday, March 13, 2007

In Which I Reimagine a Motion Picture Ad Campaign

Last night I was having a drink with friends, after going to see the excellent Korean monster movie The Host. Talk turned (as it usually does, with me) to bad movies. My buddy Simon mentioned that he hated the tag line to the recent non-smash-hit Hannibal Rising. The poster is reproduced below (letters enlarged for readability).

He pointed out that, by definition, something can't start with revenge. So I suggested an alternate tag line:

Or, if they wanted to inject a little bit of comics page whimsy, how about a word balloon:

Then again, with the mask on, it would probably sound more like:

In the end, we decided on brutal honesty:

Oh, with deft Photoshopping skills like this, it's a wonder that I'm still a low-paid temp.

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