Friday, March 09, 2007

I Was on the Internets Radios Last Night

If you missed my appearance on Fist City last night, never fear. You can catch up by subscribing to the podcast. Do it! It's easy! I promise you! Just copy the xml link into iTunes, or your podcasting software of choice.

I appear in the last five minutes of the show. Unfortunately, due to the ever-loose start and end times of East Village Radio shows, and the ever-exact start and end times of their auto-podcasting set up, the last 30 seconds or so of my 4-5 minute appearance gets cut off. Mid-joke, actually.

So if you listen, and you want to hear what you missed, here it is.

(ahem. >spoilers<) * * *

"...because then Muppet land developers come in, and then they wanna build walls all over it, and suddenly Miss Piggy's in a bikini, which is tragic. Personally, I feel this makes Muppets into second-class citizens, but what do I know? Anyway, to sum up, my screenplay for Ghost Rider 2: Wild Hogs Can’t be Broken is finished and ready to be bid on, big-time movie studios. I’ve sent a copy in the mail. I didn’t know the address, so I just wrote Hollywood on the envelope, but I’m sure it’ll get to you. Thanks."

* * *

And if you didn't listen to the show, if the former paragraph isn't intriguing, I don't know what is.

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