Friday, December 01, 2006

In Which I Introduce a New Character for Your Mild Amusement

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome-- Jasper: The Comedian With the Poorly-Thought-Out Material!

(Applause. Jasper takes the stage. Long silence.)

Um... Cauliflower. That would be a good word to use in a joke. Possibly a joke about calling... uh... a flower.

"Indiana Jones and the Pimple of Doom."
Would be a... a good MAD Magazine parody. Back in 1984.

I'd hate to have Tom Wolfe's dry cleaning bills. What with all the... white suits.

I went to a bemusement park the other day. At least I think I did.

So... that Quentin Tarantino sure likes nostalgia, huh? What's he going to do next? A show called H.R. Bloodnstuff? Or something?



Jasper, everyone! Jasper: The Comedian With the Poorly-Thought-Out Material!

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Rob Bates said...

I believe I pitched the idea of a 'bemusement park' a long time ago at an SNR meeting. It was indeed a poorly thought out idea; I had no idea what it meant, and still don't. But the concept remains kind of funny to me.