Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Mark Your Calendars for Late April Fun

For the very few of you that like to keep track of these things far in advance, I'll be making another one of my occasional contributions to Andres Du Bouchet & Company's most excellent variety show, Giant Tuesday Night of Amazing Inventions and Also There is a Game, on April the 25th at 8:00 PM at Rififi/Cinema Classics 332 E. 11th St. (between 1st & 2nd Aves). The show is free, with a one-reasonably-priced-drink minimum.

I won't be making a cameo this time (I know that this news is sure to disappoint all who caught my Tony Award-nominated* performance as "Sarcastic Strawberry Vendor" back in March. Instead, my contribution is on the writing side-- I like how the bit I scripted turned out, and it'll probably be a two-parter, which means more me for your buck (like you care), in addition to all the usual GTN hilarity (well worth your time).

So come on out. Since I won't be onstage, maybe we can sit together in the audience. That way it's easier for you to buy me a beer.

*Damn you Nathan Lane!**

**I'm not damning Nathan Lane for beating me out for the Tony Award, as that part about me being nominated was a shameless lie. I was damning him for "Mouse Hunt."


fusenumber8 said...

What's wrong with Mouse Hunt?
No, I kid. Seriously though, will you and the missus be attending this thingy thing? Cause I do love Rafifi. I've been thinking we should all go out to one of their dance party nights.

Oh, and how do you get a cool little counter like the one at the bottom of your blog? I gotta get me one of those.

Dan McCoy said...

I believe you're conflating Rififi, the NYC bar named after the Jules Dassin heist film, with Raffi, popular childrens' performer. Which would be pretty exciting, I must admit... imagine the cool Gallic excitement of downing cheap wine to "Baby Beluga."

I'm definitely planning to be there, and if you're coming, I'm sure I can get the wife to come too. (It's no longer enough that I'm contributing to the show. I need to sweeten the deal with friends.)

If you click on my counter, I do believe it will take you to the "StatCounter" official site, and you can get one for free there. If I recall, it's just some HTML you can cut and pasts to your blog template.

josh said...

yo, Dan, stop with the absolute self-effacement, my man; I saw GTNOAAAATIAG (wow. what an acronym) the night you did the Free Strawberries sketch, and loved it (sadly, had to dip out of there with the quickness and couldn't pass those congratulations directly). your writing is phatter than The Human Beatbox of the Fat Boys (RIP). so just drop the promos without that "not that you care" vibe. otherwise, I might just have to start another fake beef with you.


(now gradually coming to life at http://joshdrimmer.blogspot.com)

Dan McCoy said...

Aw, thanks man. I had no idea you were there. I appreciate it.

P.S. You've won a link in my blogroll...