Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Captains Update and Disturbing Dan-Related Celebrity News

A quick Captains in Space update. Our director/ editor/ star, Mr. Federico Hatoum, is back from his vacation south of the border, and has been plugging away on the latest episode. He assures me that it will likely be done by this weekend and available online shortly thereafter. So I'd look for it sometime early next week. Can you contain your excitement? Unlikely, my friend. Unlikely.

In other news, one of the Onion AV Club blogs pointed me towards this interesting website, where you can upload a photo of yourself, and their facial recognition software will analyze it and tell you what celebrity you most look like. So I uploaded my headshot, figuring that it's probably the most neutral picture of my face that I have.

And which celebrity do I look like?

That's right, Geri Halliwell.

I have to admit, they have a point. Which, aside from making me feel weird about all the dirty thoughts I've had about Geri Halliwell, also makes me rethink my headshot. Finally, I understand why I've been getting all those girl group callbacks. My headshot makes me look like a Spice Girl...

That, and the Union Jack miniskirt I wear everywhere.

Oh, and my tremendous rack.



Rob Bates said...

Dan - How old is that headshot? You barely look like you have facial hair there. Granted, it is somewhat adorable ...

Dan McCoy said...

It's about four years old. But I haven't aged that much in four years, have I Rob? HAVE I? PLEASE TELL ME I HAVEN'T! OH GOD I'M GETTING OLD.

(bitter tears)

fusenumber8 said...

I thought about inserting some Spice Girls reference here. Possibly a song lyric. Then I remembered that I'm not supposed to know any Spice Girl lyrics if I want to be able to face people without shame. Whew! That's a bullet dodged there! This posting, by the way, had me laughing way too loudly in front of my patrons. If I get fired I blame it entirely on you, Dan.

Dan McCoy said...

I have an unabashed fondness for several Spice Girls songs. They're catchy pop, and that's fine with me. There's enough lousy mass-marketed pop out there that I appreciate it when a group (well, their songwriters) goes to the trouble of at least having a good hook.

That, and all the girls wear uniforms. How can you go wrong?