Monday, January 22, 2007

Recycling Center: Rejected Jokes Edition

Taste the mild amusement...

It was announced that the hit show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy will end production after the fifth season ends this summer. Now if five gay men break into your house, it just means the Village People need a little Quaalude money.

Officials at the Chimp Haven in the Shreveport, Louisiana zoo were surprised when a female chimpanzee gave birth, despite the fact that the facility's entire male population has had vasectomies. Could this be the long-foretold birth of Chimp Jesus?

DEA agents said Tuesday that they have dismantled a Colombian heroin ring by arresting several couriers who stitched packets of drugs into their pants and then took cruise ships to the US. In short: there was a party in their pants, and everyone was indicted.

On Tuesday Donald Trump got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, followed by a star-studded night of celebrity corpses rolling over in their graves.

It is rumored that Matthew McConaughey will play Magnum PI in a movie version of the hit TV show, and is looking forward to making good on his many mustache ride promises.

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