Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Recycling Center: Rejected Jokes Edition

The saga continues...

On Tuesday Apple unveiled its iPhone, which is a new touch-screen cell-phone that contains an iPod, OS X operating system, Wi-Fi connection, camera, can play full screen video, and can urinate on a Microsoft Zune from up to 60 feet.

Paris Hilton pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to DUI charges in Los Angeles, although she still has an outstanding IUD record, in all fifty states.

Former revolutionary Daniel Ortega, who was one of Washington's most bitter foes, was sworn in as President of Nicaragua on Wednesday. In response, President Bush said he was unconcerned, as he had heard that Ortega was both thick and chunky.

The body of the late James Brown has yet to be buried as attorneys and his children work to settle issues surrounding his estate, and the audience waits, hoping that his cape will magically revive him.

Duke University's applications for admission declined over 4 percent from a record last year in the aftermath of rape charges against members of the school's lacrosse team. Also not helping: their new Fitness Complex and Rapetorium.

The Transportation Security Administration will now allow companies to sell ads inside plastic bins whose sole purpose so far has been to move passengers' belongings through X-ray machines. A TSA administrator said, “We believe that ad agencies won’t be able to resist this opportunity to associate their products with shoelessness and frustration.”

A new political battle started this week over the terms used to describe the additional troops being sent to Iraq, with the President calling it a "surge" and Democrats calling it an "escalation." Whereas Iraqis call it, “Thursday.”

The Habsburg family said Wednesday that it wanted to sell a Transylvanian castle famous for its connections to Vlad the Impaler, who was the inspiration for Dracula, for 78 million dollars, or to the first person to spend a night in the castle alone.

A former Colorado high school basketball coach is facing 39 charges of allegedly hitting male students in the groin, showing them pornography, and pouring water on his players then driving them to games in the winter with the windows down. His heartwarming story will be told in the upcoming film “Abusiers.”

It was revealed this week that the late Law and Order actor, Jerry Orbach, donated his eyes after his death to two women who needed new corneas, which explains why, when confronted with a corpse, they now feel compelled to make a wisecrack.

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