Friday, January 05, 2007

Why Yes, I Was in a Music Video (Updated)

Updated: the original YouTube video was extra fuzzy for some reason, but the problem has since been fixed.

Way back in the summer, videographer/ rapper extraordinare John Kingman put together this music video for Sara Schaefer's smash UCBT show, Video Gaga. Check me out in a featured cameo as John's hot dog eating coach.

Because of some technical difficulties, John couldn't get it up on YouTube until now, but that just means that you have one more thing to brighten up your dark winter months.

By the way, if the embedded video doesn't load, try this link: Lips & A**holes, by Colonel Bastard. The rapper, not the band. Oh, and another of John's music videos (sadly Dan-free as it may be) can be found here.

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