Thursday, September 17, 2009

9 AM Meeting at the New York Television Festival

Last month, the first episode of my show 9 AM Meeting (edited/illustrated by me, written & performed by me and Matt Koff) premiered at Channel 101 and was the TOP VOTE GETTER.

This month, Channel 101 is part of the New York Television Festival, which means a bigger, cushier screening venue; more attendees; media attention and probably other exciting things that I haven't bothered to figure out. We'll be having our WORLD PREMIERE of the second episode as part of this screening (this episode is totally different than the second episode currently available on YouTube--which both Matt and I both liked, but didn't think was the strongest representation of our work to showcase in the festival. So if you've seen that one, this one will STILL BE ALL NEW).

The screening is at 7 pm on Wednesday, September 23, at New World Stages (stage 2) -- 350 W. 50th St. b/w 8th and 9th Aves.

If you're unfamiliar with the Channel 101 concept, then this explaination, stolen wholesale from their website, should help:

"Every month, five-minute TV shows are screened for a live audience in New York City. The audience votes to renew some shows and cancel others. The top five shows become the new "prime time" lineup; losing shows are banished forever. The next month, prime time shows return with new episodes, pitted against each other and a crop of fresh new pilots."

So, clearly it's in our interest to encourage you to come out and vote for our show--but don't worry, they've smartly arranged it so that it's not just a numbers game. Each voter marks down their top FIVE shows, so people can shill for their friends, but merit still rules the day.

If you want to come, the show is FREE, but you'll probably want to reserve tickets online to ensure that you have a seat. There's a nominal $3.50 fee for reserving online, but that fee is per reservation, NOT per person, so if you get together with other people to reserve a block, you're still only paying $3.50 in total. One thing to note (if I'm reading my own reservation confirmation correctly, and I may not be), you need to pick up will call tickets by 6.

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