Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Dan in the New Issue of Jest - PLUS: Jest Goes National

The May/ June issue of Jest Magazine has hit the streets, and I''ve got two pieces in it. The first is a short piece, called "Ways To Make TV More Entertaining," on page 18, and the second is titled "Highlights from the 1st Annual Softcore Porn Awards (AKA 'The Softies')" on page 41. That piece is also highlighted on the cover, proving either that (A.) it was one of the editor's favorites, or (B.) any mention of porn sells.

Also, starting with this issue, Jest has become a pay magazine ($3.99 on the newsstand, or $18.00 for a 1 year/ 6 issue subscription-- although for a limited time you can go to, click the subscribe button, and enter the code: "cheap jester" to get a subscription for only $9.95). Plus, starting with this issue, Jest has gone national, with issues being available in 60 U.S. cities.

You can read Jest editor Frank Santopadre's thoughts on the recent changes here, and you can also see a few pieces from the current issue online (although not, unfortunately, either of mine).

Next week I'm going to a launch party for the national version of the magazine, complete with (according to the invitation), "a DJ, models, open bar, and an ice sculpture." I have it on good authority that the ice sculpture is of Michael Jackson with boys' underwear over his mouth. This is a K-L-A-S-S-Y rag I write for!


Rizzated said...

I was thinking the other day of something I should have said at your wedding. "Daniel you smell like a good cheese." When will I see MP3s on your blog?

Dan McCoy said...

I will have MP3s on my blog only when I embark on a Weird Al/ Ray Stevens-style comedy music career.

In other words, never.

Thanks for the kind cheese words.

Rizzated said...

Yes they called him The Streak