Monday, December 14, 2009

9 AM Meeting Wins at the Channys

My webseries 9 AM Meeting won two of the four categories in which it was nominated, at Thursday's NYC Channy Awards. I picked up a statue for Best Animation or Special Effects and my collaborator Matt Koff and I got the award for Best Writing. It was a fantastic show, and many thanks to everyone who organized and put it together.

The Writer's Guild of America East put out a press release about our win here.

And you can read a summary of the show and get a list of all the winners on The Apiary.

Here are some photos of the event:

On the red carpet. (photo by Mindy Tucker)

Our wordless Best Writing acceptance speech. (photo by Mindy Tucker)

With our alter egos. (photo by Becky Griffin)

Lastly, there were several original videos shot specifically for the awards show, and I appeared in a couple. Check out the Craft Services video, written by Matt, and the Alibis video featuring all the nominees. ALL of the original Channy videos can be found here

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