Thursday, May 14, 2009

Situations in Which is Acceptable to Nickname Someone "Wheels"

  • This person rides a motorcycle.
  • This person is in a wheelchair and is also a member of a group of teenage detectives and/or a team of teenage superheroes.
  • This person is the getaway driver for a gang of bank robbers.
  • This person is a 1950's greaser.
  • This person has just gotten their car stolen (ironic).
  • This person is a robot (specifically the type of robot with wheels. A "Johnny-5" style robot who moves using tank-style treads would be called "Treads." A robot with two legs would be called "Bob" or whatever the robot's name happens to be).
  • This person is a wheeled robot that has had its wheels stolen (ironic).
  • This person has had their feet replaced with wheels.
Situations in Which it is NOT Acceptable to Nickname Someone Wheels:
  • All others.

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