Wednesday, April 30, 2008

When Comedians Chat

Eli: the creator of LSD died today

He was eaten by an alligator-headed unicorn.

Eli: his last words were "it smells like purple"
c'mon, let's keep it going
his funeral will be held at the local planetarium accompanied by a Pink Floyd laser show

me: When asked how they'd pay for his funeral, relatives said "Put it on his tab."

Eli: nice
funeral goers are advised NOT to lick the program

me: The cemetery has added security to prevent people from eating the mushrooms growing on his grave.
His last words were, "I hear a white light."

(long pause)

The only ones I can think of now are really stupid, like "Zombie-fearing undertakers have locked the casket to avoid acid reflux."
More than a stretch.
I need to be a joke Mr. Fantastic to stretch enough to make that work.

Eli: yeah, another one i had was "his final words were 'i finally get 2001"
but i thought that was a stretch too

me: Well, we've scientifically proven how many jokes this news story has in it.
>hangs lab coat on hook<
Time for lunch!

Eli: oh, science. is there anything you can't prove?

1 comment:

stillapill said...

I was thinking more along the lines that his cremated remains would be liquified and soaked into postage stamps so he could finally (really) fly around the world...

Shelley Chandler
Broken Arrow, OK

P. S. Love the blog!!!