Friday, November 09, 2007

Big in Canada

Captains in Space was featured on Canadian cable TV show "Torrent TV" on G4. Check it out! We've made the leap to television! Sort of.*

In other Captains news, we'll be getting together to shoot TWO all-new episodes this weekend, so look for those to come out soon (and a little more regularly than they have in the past). These will also be the first episodes to feature Captain Matt as a full-time replacement for the departing Captain Adam. Can you resist a show starring this guy?:

*Yeah, I know that "Canadian" "cable" and "G4" are three strikes that limit the probable TV viewership for that episode to about 13, but these days, what with our U.S. economic slump, writers' strikes and such, 13 Canadian viewers = like 52 American. That's the way these things work, right?

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