Sunday, May 20, 2007

The 8-Track PREMIERES TONIGHT - Monday, May 21!

The new show I'm writing for is premiering NOW! (Well, not now, unless you're reading this at 8 pm on Monday the 21st ... but it's premiering today, Monday the 21st at 8 pm. Did I mention Monday the 21st at 8 pm? I did?) The first show's (loose) theme is "Mother's Day." Here are the details:

The 8-Track: A Seamless Blend of Music and Comedy

Mondays at 8pm
(No show Memorial Day.)

"The Green Room"
45 Bleecker Street
(Previously of "The Culture Project")
North side of Bleecker Street,
between Lafayette & Mott Streets.
New York, NY 10012

Closest subway:
6 to Bleecker

$12.00 - available at the door or in advance at

For now, BYOB -- Discounts at "Astor Wines".

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The 8-Track: A Seamless Blend of Music and Comedy

Chris "Shockwave" Sullivan of Freestyle Love Supreme and Off-Book Productions arranges the hottest comedic writers, actors and musicians in New York City's newest weekly hotbed of downtown comedy and music. The 8-Track creates a brand new sketch comedy show every week directed by AJ Morales (Wicked Wicked HammerKatz) and combines it with a guest host, musicians, standup comedy, films and a house band- integrating words and music seamlessly!

Sketch Direction:
AJ Morales

Musical Direction:
Damian Cremisio

Current Performers:
Amber Petty
Birch Harms
Lauren Bahlman
Matt Sadewitz
Steve Stout
Rachel Bloom
Robbie Sublett

Join the official mailing list by dropping a line to, and get a once-monthly email of all the upcoming lineups!

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Dan McCoy said...

Sounds exciting!