Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Cocktail Hour a SMASHing Success

The Cocktail Hour website has an episode guide up, detailing the episode for which I was a guest. I'd like to point out that any drinking game I was playing was unintentional. It may have looked like I was taking a drink whenever anyone talked, but I was merely following my usual policy of taking a drink every 2.5 seconds. Obviously.

This is the hit sketch team Frowned Upon, otherwise known as D'Arce and Dev of The Cocktail Hour fame. Devon is the one in the cart, and D'Arcy is the one denying him the bag of dehydrated lentils he so desperately wants.


DTC said...

The drinking was all a clever ruse on the part of Dan. To get us to underestimate him. THEN BLAMMO! He started in with some hard hitting questions...FOR US.

Dan McCoy said...

I am as unpredictable as Joe Mantegna's career.