Wednesday, July 06, 2005

SSIOWY in July!

The second of our two "taping shows" in July is on Friday the 15th at 8 PM, at Juvie Hall . Tickets are $8. Sadly, Ed Helms, The Daily Show correspondant, who was to be our guest, had to cancel due to unforseen circumstances (although we may have him back in the future). But not to fear; Sara has some exciting replacement guests in the pipeline just waiting for confirmation, so check out her site regularly to find out who Sara's obsessed with this month. And Ed may not be able to make it, but musical guest Oceanographer will still be there, described by The Dallas Observer as, "A sweet-and-low soundtrack for filling ashtrays and emptying wine bottles."

Our previous taping show was a big success. You can read discussions of it online here and here. The sold-out crowd seemed to enjoy Sara's time-travelling office adventures, novelist Chris Genoa's ape-like behavior, and (especially) Lisa Loeb who sang three songs (including, yes, Stay). Lisa's voice is even more beautiful and her glasses more adorable in person, and we couldn't have been happier to have her come by.

Which one is Lisa and which one is Sara? Only their optometrist knows for sure.

Oh, and a lot of friends have asked whether I perform in Sara's show or just write for it. I suppose I should be more clear. I do both. My primary responsibility is the writing (I am one of five writers, along with Kara Lee Burk, Amanda Melson, Patrick Stubbins, and Sara herself). I do appear in the shows, however, much as the writers for TV talk shows like Conan O'Brian's show up in bits and sketches. The conceit of Sara's show is that she's doing it from her day job-- the cubicle she works at in a financial office. The writers play her co-workers, which are basically just comedy versions of ourselves-- using our own names, clothes, shameful sexual secrets, etc.-- but ourselves as if we worked with Sara. In some ways, the show is less reliant on traditional talk show "bits" and more like a mash-up of an absurdist meta sitcom (like "It's Gary Shandling's Show," or something similar) and a talk show. Often there's a complete storyline that takes us through the show's more traditional monologue, interviews, and musical guest. That being said, the show's focus is definitely on Sara, which is as it should be, seeing as she's both eponymous and titular. Every episode of SSIOWY comes complete with 100% more Sara Schaefer. You can buy tickets for Sara Schaefer is Obsessed With You here or via Juvie Hall .

You want critical acclaim? Both of these shows have been getting great press from all over the place. Check it:

Praise for Sara Schaefer is Obsessed With You:

"A compelling, funny take on the boxed-in conventions of both television and office work."

- The Onion

"Much more fun than anything you'd catch on basic cable."

- Amelia David, Backstage

"Her hyper-kinetic routine is what makes her endearing, honest."

-Lionel Beehner, The New York Press

"Sara Schaefer's show is charming, funny, sweet, and nutty. Just like her."

- Jonathan Ames, author of What's Not to Love? and Wake Up, Sir!

"Her show is cooler than any daytime talk show you'll ever see."

- Rachel Kramer Bussel, The Gothamist

A TimeOut New York Critic's Pick

Emerging Comics of New York Award Winner

New York Post Hot List

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