Monday, June 27, 2005

A Monday Joke and A Self-Serving Link

Have a news joke:

According to the latest rumors, Jennifer Aniston is now dating Vince Vaughn. The new relationship will undoubtedly require a celebrity relationship nickname, รก la "Bennifer," "Brangelina," or "Tomkat." May I be the first to suggest, "Vaginaston"?

You're welcome. I'll try to post a sample joke or two every Monday. That way, the few people who read my blog might actually find something to enjoy buried in this collection of news and plugs.

Oh, and regarding the aforementioned Rachel Kramer Bussell, comedy aficionado and spanking editrix, I should point you all here (even though the post is pretty much a direct result of me mentioning her terrific and ongoing SSIOWY coverage in her blog previously-- and in return I'm mentioning that responsive mention of me in her blog in my blog. Thus, the infinite regress of the Internet continues unabated, I continue to self-promote, and all is right with the world).

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