Thursday, May 26, 2005

BACK STAGE Couldn't Love Us More on Their Lovin'-est Day if They Had an Electrified Lovin' Machine

Today's "Back Stage" (the newspaper for actors) listed two shows I'm in as part of their annual list of comedy profiles, or "Comedy Best Bets 2005: 10 [Comedians] Worth Watching."

Firstly, the lovely Sara Schaefer graces the cover, in her traditional "I'm strangling two businessmen with their ties, while I gaze at you in a sultry manner" pose. Her picture is essentially the only one on the cover, taking up about a fourth of the page-- just to get the whole strangling/ sultry thing across. The article inside is terrific too. Sadly, (since I'm an attention whore) I'm not mentioned in the list of writers, since the press materials the writer was working from pre-date my time on the show; but really, who cares? It's great publicity, and I couldn't be happier for Sara, who deserves all the accolades she gets. She puts her heart into that show, and she's Aces.

Also, Erik Marcisak, the manager/ producer of Juvie Hall is profiled, with a special focus on Saturday Night Rewritten. I'm glad that Erik is getting the attention he deserves for providing an up-and-coming alternative to the big comedy houses in the city, and creating the only theater in NYC with a special focus on sketch. I would also like to take special note of one particular part of the article, which singles out one SNR bit to highlight:

"We especially liked a sketch in which a man was cursed with an ever-present voiceover narration, which was particularly funny in a bar, as he tried to socialize and hook up. It was fast-paced and had some very charismatic and funny performances."

Who wrote the sketch that so delighted Back Stage? Dear readers, I cannot lie. It was me. (Well, I cannot lie when lying would mean I'd miss an opportunity to brag. I can lie like a fiend otherwise.)

Anyway, thank you Back Stage for writing about us. We can only hope the publicity leads to us... y'know... actually getting paid for this nonsense.


Federico said...
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Federico said...

Congrats, you crazy writin' fool.

Rizzated said...

I got too drunk to post. Oh wait I did post.