Friday, February 18, 2005

Robots No More!

Just as all good things must come to an end, so too
must all little-known improvisational comedy groups
eventually say goodbye.

Yes, Robotski has broken up. But fear not, friends--
we wouldn't call it quits without one last farewell
performance. If not for the fans, we'd do it for the
merchandising alone (and for the profits from the
inevitable "Robotski Reunion Tour[s]").

So why not come see our final performance for old
time's sake? And if you've never seen Robotski
TOGETHER... unless, of course, you happen to see us
together eating dinner in a restaurant or something.
But that's not all that funny (other than the clumsy
way Francis eats radishes).

Where and when is this extravaganza of hilarity?

Gotham City Improv
158 West 23rd St
@ 7th Ave.
Above Monster Sushi
Friday Feb. 18 at 10pm

Will you be sharing the spotlight with anyone else?

We will be splitting the bill with a delightful group
that goes by the name "Jonely Bonely"

And how much must I pry from my wallet to gain entry?

A mere $7

Do not be sad old friends. As the saying goes, God
doesn't close a door without opening a window.
Unfortunately, it's often sleeting outside, and you
have to run and close the window, because God has no
sense of the ill-effects weather might have on a mere
mortal. Still, shed no tears for Robotski. After
all, it's not like we're being executed. Ha ha!
(Except for Fed, who is being executed. Sorry, Fed.
In retrospect that last joke was a little
insensitive.) Instead of crying with sadness, cry
with laughter at the show this Friday.

And, of course, this means you'll never have to suffer
through one of these long promotional posts again.

One last time-- Robotski is:

Francis Doehner
Jacques Duvoisin
Federico Hatoum
Jonathan Kravetz
Dan McCoy

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Matt said...

Dude I'm totally there