Sunday, February 27, 2005

Dan Does The Movie @ The UCBT, This Monday the 28th at 6:30

Instant Cinema, the house team that performs "The Movie" form at The Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater, describes The Movie thus:

"See everything you'd expect from a movie improvised live on stage -- dramatic camera angles, tense editing, high-flying action sequences and tender denoument.

Never-before-seen movies that span every era, every style, and every genre, but always better than anything you'd see at a multiplex."

That's as good a description of the Movie as anything (which is why I stole it). To be sure, Instant Cinema are the pros; we're just a bunch of skilled amateurs. But we're still better than the multiplex.

Come see me perform the movie with my upper-level improv class compatriots, this Monday at 6:30 at the UCBT, New York's best-respected improv comedy theater: 307 W. 26th Street, @ 8th Avenue. Entrance can be gained for a mere $5. How often can you get an hour of hilarity for only five clams?

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