Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dan Has a Screenplay in the Writers Guild of America East Reading Series!

Hey fans, and/or readers of this blog that only exist in my imagination, as I post into the Internet ether -- I have a screenplay that's gonna be read (well, 20 pages of it) at the JCC in Manhattan this Monday. Should be fun, and there's a WINE RECEPTION to follow. Here: I'll just let the WGAE press release explain...

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Get your tickets now to see the latest performance in the WGAE/WGAE Foundation's Screenplay Reading Series. Excerpts from original screenplays by Guild members will be performed with a top-notch cast.

ORIENTATION written by Dan McCoy
ELLIOT BLOOM GETS SHOT written by William Farmer

Monday, October 18th, 2010 at 7:30pm
JCC in Manhattan
334 Amsterdam Avenue, at 76th Street

Wine reception follows readings

WGAE & JCC Members Ticket price $8.00 Please call 646-505-5708 to purchase.
Nonmembers: Ticket price $10.00 Click here to buy online.

by Dan McCoy is about teenager Eric Hardy whose college prospects haven't been helped by an indifferent guidance counselor and his mother's mysterious illness. Still, he never would have knowingly applied to a university run by demons, even as a safety school. Sure, his adventures in matriculation involve making friends with Stuart, the cool guy across the hall, and falling for the spunky and self-possessed Claire. But they also include protecting himself and his dorm-mates from being actually possessed. Turns out, his college is just a front for a hellish recruitment station, and Eric needs to defeat faculty, upperclassmen, and alums (including his own brother) if he hopes to survive welcome weekend.

Read Dan McCoy's Bio

Elliot Bloom Gets Shot by William Farmer is about Elliott Bloom, a middle aged writer whose life is going nowhere, and who blames his misery on everyone and everything around him. He has alienated all his friends and loved ones with his arrogance, constantly flaunting his genius-level IQ and considering himself the only intelligent being in a world of fools. An anti-social outburst lands him in a small town jail, where the local librarian, a woman named Pine Davies, recognizes his pain as well as his potential and becomes fascinated by him. Faced with the opportunity for yet another grab at career success, Elliot must choose between a last shot at the fame and fortune he feels he deserves, or the simple comfort of remaining with Pine and living out what's left of his life in anonymity "among the fools." Complicating the matter is the fact that he's losing his mind, as characters from his unpublished "great American novel" refuse to stay on the page, inconveniently manifesting themselves in an attempt to influence his decision to their advantage.

Read William Farmer's Bio

WGAE President Michael Winship, Emmy Award-winning senior writer of Bill Moyers Journal will lead a Q & A after the readings which are produced by WGAE lifetime member Susane Lee.

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