Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Return of Gchat Theater

What do comedy writers do with their day? They spend most if it irritating each other with deliberately bad jokes. To wit:

Matt: I hear it's restaurant week.

me: I hear it's BREASTaurant week.
Hubba hubba!

Matt: You don't hear that.
You just wanted to type "breast."

me: BREASTaurant
Soooo... what's in the news.
Everyone's going crazy for this new Apple iPad!

Matt: why
why are you doing this

me: I say that pad's not going to absorb any menstrual blood.
Not worth it.

Matt: where's my whiskey...

me: Obama's doing a spending freeze.
Have a heart Mr. President.

Matt: can't... take... much... more

me: It's January!
Send your money to Miami!

Matt: the voices
the voices won't leave

me: Seriously though, you've been a terrible audience.
Just awful.
I'm gonna take a break and go to the bar, but I'll be back in 15.

Matt: the blood
the pain
the horror

Be glad I don't have your gmail address.

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