Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Items for Sale in the Back of "Hi-Lo There! The Hi and Lois Collector's Fanzine," Issue 103

  • Signed first edition of Hi's and Lo's, My Hiloious Life Drawing Hi and Lois, by Dik Browne, with a foreward by Salman Rushdie.
  • Rare censored strip, in which Ditto berates his parents: "Ditto? You named me Ditto? So, what, my name is basically Dot II? Why not just name me 'Afterthought' or 'We're Too Lazy To Come Up With Anything Else?!' Goddamn it! ... I'll be at the Lockhorns."
  • Copy of Action Comics Number One, featuring the first appearance of Trixie. Note that in this early incarnation, she does not have her "Sunbeam" powers. Also, she's named Kal-el.
  • Contentious series of letters between Browne and Mort Walker, in which Walker castigates Browne for "diluting my devastating portrait of suburban ennui."
  • Tijuana Bible detailing a very special army leave, in which Lois "rewards" her brother Beetle for defending our country. Slightly used.

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