Friday, June 23, 2006

New Kalan Show TOMORROW!

"Dan," you say, "You can't possibly promote the same show four times." Oh yeah? What if it's the FIRST Primetime Kalan? "Dan, that's just the same old Kalan show at a new place and time. It's not that new." Touche, I say. But Elliott's promoting it multiple times, so why can't I? Observe Elliot's words...

Hello, Kalan Fans!
You've probably seen the TV ads, bus ads, phone kiosk announcements, and blimps, but just in case you missed the blitzkrieg bombardment of publicity, I'm here to announce an all-new episode of the all-new PRIMETIME KALAN, tomorrow night, saturday, at 8:30pm!
We're at a new space, a new time, with new jokes (for once!)! It's the beginning of a glorious new era in human civilization, an era that includes the amazing wildlife of Animalologist Richard Blomquist ("The Daily Show"), the astounding magic of Patrick Terry, and if that isn't enough for you, perhaps I should mention it's our Superman show? Yes, we've hitched our wagon to the most anticipated movie of the summer without its knowledge, and we've got tons of never-before-seen exclusive "Superman" footage that we made ourselves!
Can you afford to miss all this? The answer, of course, is no.
THE PRIMETIME KALAN - Saturday, June 24th, 8:30pm
Jimmy 43
43 East 7th Street
(between 2nd and 3rd ave.)
Tix: $5

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