Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Finalist! The Sequel!

Another one of my TV spec scripts has (sort of) won an award.

My Simpsons spec, "Jesus Christ Superstation," was a semi-finalist in Scriptapalooza's TV writing competition, one of the largest of its kind. (This year they received a total of 806 scripts - 241 pilots, 230 1 hour episodics and 335 sitcoms.)

Mine was the only one of the finalists that was a Simpsons script. Some might say that this was because I was the only person dumb enough to spec for a more-than-ten-years-old show. I like to think that it's because I was the only person talented enough to put a new spin on a more-than-ten-years-old show. Y'know. We all tell ourselves lies to survive.

This is my second spec, and the second to (sort of) win an award. (The continuing parenthetical interjections seek to acknowledge that the question of whether or not being a finalist constitutes winning anything is debatable.) Two out of two ain't bad.

Now can someone hire me? Or at least get me a damn agent?


Rizzated said...

Now if you'd written a Will & Grace script; apparently your well ran dry of ideas for that program.

Abby Scott said...

I'll hire you, but I'd have to pay you in small quantities of fudge.

That's right, I have a blog too, what!

Dan McCoy said...


I'm intrigued by this fudge offer of yours. What flavor?

(central Illinois represent!)

Abby Scott said...

Heartland in the house!

Consider yourself linked, my friend, consider yourself linked.